• Lodi Phobi F&F+ One Shot 300ml

LODI UK introducing Phobi F&F+ One Shot automatic release aerosol!

Fogging device for flying and crawling insects

Formulated with the renowned and proven actives of the Phobi range.  Faster and more effective than any comparable product before.  We are proud to release some of the test data in the development of the product that proves 100% efficacy against flies within 3 minutes and 100% efficacy against German cockroaches in 5 minutes.  The increased strength and speed of control and large application area of 375 cubic metres makes it an unmissable product in any pest controllers armoury.

For use is all indoor situations against flying and crawling insects - simply press and twist the nozzle to release and all pests will be controlled in minutes.

Active: 0.11% Imiprothrin, 0.33% Cyphenothrin, and 0.01% Natural Pyrethrum

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Lodi Phobi F&F+ One Shot 300ml

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